Tuesday, March 22, 2011

elliot stabler agrees with me...

I haven't posted a video of my friends doing shit only I'd find funny in awhile. So drink it in! This is local treasure Brock Keeling's idiotic thoughts on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's Olivia Benson. I hate the character Olivia Benson. Brock loves her. Here we are on Monday night at Momo's, having a mature discussion about it:

Here are my problems with Mariska Hargitay's choices as Olivia Benson on this admittedly wonderful show:
1. Over acting. Come ON. Enough with the wide-mouthed shock.
2. If it's so traumatizing to be the product of rape, why work in sex crimes where she's reminded every day?
3. Can they send her on a date? It's been 11 years.
4. How many hair lengths can one woman have? Yet no skirts.
5. Stop calling him 'El.' It's Elliot. And he could use a tone-down too. Enough with the problem daughters. And why does Elliot work in sex crimes if he can't control his rage at the injustice at crimes against children?
Basically, I like the fucked up stories. But the performances are all a little heavy handed. Brock disagrees. He thinks they're pitch perfect...


Anonymous said...

Love, love Olivia Benson, the best character in SVU. Of course I accept your opinion but do not understand:
1) What is the problem of call Olivia Elliot El? He does not call for Liv?.
2) Olivia is not a victim of rape. His mother was. And so it is super motivated to arrest the criminals. I understand perfectly his obsession because he chose;
3) Olivia is a workaholic. Live to work. It is extremely dedicated. Their boyfriends never understand your choice. Important that she understands and is happy;
4) For his work, dressed to work only when it is disguised. Then she puts the dress, looks with those hazel eyes, gives the most beautiful smile in the world, and has no criminal who resists.
Mariska Hargitay is my favorite actress, Olivia Benson my favorite character. It is a synthesis of everything I admire in a human being. And even more to hurt my heart she is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, MoMo's looks deserted. Was anyone else there besides you four?

Beth Spotswood said...

Well, this was dinner at 9pm on Monday night. And there were maybe 12 other folks there. I like Momo's!