Wednesday, February 16, 2011

also, that party had the greatest band i've ever heard...

Today on SFGate's Culture Blog, Republican Glamour Shots! You heard me. Republican Glamour Shots.
Speaking of glamour shots, Brock, Melissa, Max and I attended the Hearts After Dark Soiree in Union Square last week, where the following photo was taken:

Dear 7x7,
What the fuck do I have to do to get you people to throw my goofy mug in your creepy society section? Smile with teeth and cover my boobs? FINE. But seriously, please, I'm begging. I've been asking for this small favor for like, 6 years. Get on it.
Love Beth


Anonymous said...

Did you pay the $125 VIP price or go cheap and pay $75?

BTW, love the cleavage action! You got em and you flaunt em! Good for you.

Looks like Mel is a blonde again and her dress got her old hair color. She looks stunning too.

Keep it up Spinsters Sisters!

Beth Spotswood said...

Thank you?!?
In the interest of full disclosure, we did not pay for our tickets. But OBVIOUSLY we were in VIP.

Everyone should start a blog. People give you VIP passes to parties all the time. Is Brock ever at home? No.

Glamour Shots by Deb said...

That is one good looking group.

Gretchen said...

Hang around Hooman (from the Alice morning show), he's always in the 7x7.

Anonymous said...

Dear B,

You don't need 7x7. 7x7 should be shot. Why does new york get the New Yorker and we get a glossy 45 page thick restaurant ad. It's cool they existi guess but the whole "the magazine of san francisco"???