Friday, January 07, 2011

roasted necessary conversation...

The very sweet Tony DeRenzo of SF City Watch filmed FINALLY! The Roast of Chris Daly. I'm assuming that those of you who want to watch the whole 2-hour extravaganza know how to find it. It's up on Facebook, etc. But below is the 12 minute opening of the show kicked off by Melissa and me. I would just like to warn my mother in advance that some people booed us when we came out. I like to think that we may have eventually won these winners over with our comedy, but who knows if they were able to stay for the whole show, what with transitional housing curfew and all.
I like to think we were a hit! Either way, we worked really fucking hard on this so everyone can suck on it.
Love, me


Melissa said...

Hells yeah! IUJU!!!

Anonymous said...

The booers seem to stop once the jokes start. Wow. You were funny enough to lighten them up. Congratulations on a great show and an amazing performance!