Friday, January 28, 2011

me, me, me, me, me...

So, we've got three exciting things going on here today (in my head.) The first AND FOREMOST is that today is my birthday! It is also Brock's birthday but he is much, much, much, much older. Please feel free to bring this up to him.
(Happy Birthday Brochtrup Allen. I love you.)
The second is that I'm figuring out the VYou thing, and answered a bunch of additional questions. Click on the question you'd like to hear the answer to (next to or below my silent "waiting for a question" video) and then my head and voice pop up and sass you a recorded response. You can try it right now with questions I've answered such as my favorite interview ever, the best San Francisco house I've been in and what TV shows I'm obsessed with.
So again, just click on any question. We're learning together here.
And finally, a new episode of Necessary Conversation is up and ready for your judgement! We're shaking off the cobwebs after a month of hiatus. My joke-writing ability has been better. But I like the new intro and I like the end. And next week's is edgy and already in the can. So thanks for hanging around and sticking with us!

Episode 16 - iPak from Necessary Conversation on Vimeo.

Melissa and I are off to one of Gavin's hotels for the weekend (no joke!) to celebrate my birthday in style and hopefully steal some towels. My parents just had a stack of crime books delivered to my house, I'm using my new French Press my brother gave me, and I am thus far pretty down with being the same age as Jesus...


Happy Birthday! said...

A friend refers to this as one's Jesus year because, hey, if you make it past 33, you've done better than the Son of God.

Not too shabby.

Clair said...

Happy birthday! The Jesus year is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beth Spotswood!

...although seriously bummed that you aren't doing your weekend what's up anymore (turning vidsf into a strictly stoner stop)

Anyway, have a great year of the rabbit and we look forward to seeing you as we all hop around SF.

Chubby and Gutenberg