Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i love you tara sullivan...

We used to tease Tara for her very dramatic, Elaine Benes-esque, "I KNOW!" reactions to things. You could say anything, really, and Tara would scream, "I KNOW!' You really have to drag out the word, "know." As in, "I KNNNNNOOOOOOWWWW!"
She said this with both extreme enthusiasm and incredulity that one might tell her something she was clearly aware of.
But as we all tend to do, Tara has moved on. And I have figured out what her new thing is.
It's, "kind of amazing."
Everything to Tara is "kind of amazing."
And the way one says this is to really emphasize the word, "kind."
"This cucumber raita is KIND of amazing."
"Today's yoga class was KIND of amazing."
And when I was having a horrible night last week, moping along a San Francisco sidewalk at 1am with a case of the blues, a slightly tipsy Tara had planted herself crosslegged there, sitting in gum and poo and God knows what, she earnestly grabbed my hands, looked into my eyes and said, "Beth, you are KIND of amazing."
To which I responded, "You said that about the fucking cucumber raita!"

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Melissa said...

Tara is actually seriously very amazing.