Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hanging out with high school kids...

On today's SFGate Culture Blog, KG and I finally make it to a Bruce-Mahoney Game. And as SI beat SH, we never got a chance to chant our favorite cheer from high school, "It's alright, it's okay. You will work for us one day..."

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Vallombrosa said...

Though five years apart and different genders, it's as if we shared the same high school experience. In hindsight, I suspect the experience as an outsider is not an uncommon one, especially at a school like SI, but it certainly can feel like it at the time.

Did you go on the senior retreat? For all of the spiritual, dramatic enlightenment we were supposed to undergo, my most lasting memory is of the salad bar. (Surprisingly good. M Bauer)

Also, Mr. Totah -- awesome then. No doubt still awesome.