Tuesday, January 04, 2011

chris daly is going to cry tomorrow...

Tick Tock, folks. You have one day to get your advance tickets to tomorrow's Roast of Chris Daly. Aside from the fact that a bunch of politicos and news folks will be skewering an insane outgoing Supervisor, the ladies of Necessary Conversation (that's me and Mel) will be the Mistresses of Ceremony. We get to introduce and mock every guest and speaker, have at the bold names in the audience (if they're lucky) and stick-it to Supervisor Straightjacket.
I suspect Chris is getting a little nervous. (Mwah! Ha! Ha!) Although he tells me he has a "good Spotswood joke" so we shall see.
If you think you're important enough to get called out and are worried about it, remember: the only thing worse than getting mentioned is not getting mentioned. And if you're reading this, I assure you, you're not important enough.
You can find all of the info you need on the event's Facebook page.
At The Independent. Doors at 8. Roast at 9. There's a full bar. Surprise guests (they're not bad, actually) and Rated R. It's $20. Proceeds benefit sick hookers (no joke)...

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Clair said...

Good luck tomorrow!