Thursday, December 09, 2010

time to find out if fairfield jokes ever get old...

It can be a little nerve-wracking when Melissa takes a call at dinner and replies into her cell, "She's sitting right here. Why?"
Turns out, the ladies of Necessary Conversation have been asked to be the Mistresses of Ceremony at outgoing Supervisor Chris Daly's Roast.
Everyone knows unprofessional, untelevised roasts can turn into awkward, polite, half-assed, politically correct jokes about potholes and litter. But this is Chris Daly of all people. The elected official who vowed to use the word "fuck" at every Board of Supervisors meeting. So I feel like we need to bring it. And I'm confident that Chris can not only take the heat in the kitchen, he likes it.
I'm using the work of Mr. Don Rickles as my inspiration. And I encourage any and all to attend. After all, someone calling themselves DJ Mind Motion will be spinning phat beats at the after party...

1 comment:

Chris said...

"Someone calling themselves DJ Mind Motion..."?

Geez, Beth, how white are you?