Thursday, December 02, 2010

celebrity equivilent: manny from modern family...

I had to run into the Kaiser pharmacy Sunday morning (insert pre-op hormone therapy joke) and found myself in line behind the kind of people one expects to find in line at Kaiser on Geary on a Sunday morning.
Directly in front of me was the “I’m going to scream into my cell phone and not step forward even though the line is moving forward” lady. Worse, she was screaming in Spanish so I was unable to eavesdrop.
And a few folks before her stood a harried mother with two kids hanging off her clothes. They looked to be around five or six, not that I’d know. After all, I keep asking my co-worker if his 3-month old can talk yet. Anyway, the mom was completely ignoring the girl and the boy, both clinging to her shirttails. The girl was crying, whining, antsy. She wasn’t so much speaking as she was just letting out a constant groan, exasperated and exhausted to be standing in line. And the boy just stood there, silently looking out the window, with one hand solidly holding onto his mom’s outfit, ignoring everyone around him.
The boy kinda turned himself a little, and I was able to read what was written on his shirt, in spooky writing above a cartoon of a goblin:
“Who Needs Halloween When My Sister Scares Me Enough?”
I would’ve taken a photo, except I was worried someone might think I’m a pedophile. But it was so perfect, so wonderful, I really hope that kid woke up and thought to himself, “Oh man, we’re going to the pharmacy this morning? With Angela? Boy, do I have the shirt for this…”


Gordon Jump said...

I would’ve taken a photo, except I was worried someone might think I’m a pedophile.

I'll just leave this here.

AphotoAday said...

3:23AM and Beth Spotswood made me laugh. Thank you very much.