Wednesday, August 11, 2010

in the kitchen where i belong...

Last night, Pollo Del Mar and I did the color commentary for the live-streaming San Francisco Young Democrats D10 Debate and not only did it go on FOREVER, but there was lots of screaming and yelling. Normally, I'd have the full and exciting scoop for you, but I was relegated to the kitchen on some Community Center in the Bayview, mainly because I complained I was too out in the open last time. I just can't catch a break!
Melissa moderated the whole thing, so when the video is up (probably tomorrow) you can see my girl deftly handle the ruckus. At one point during the screaming, I heard FROM THE KITCHEN, in a tone I know all too well, Melissa say, "VidSF, you need to cut the feed."
So without a word of warning, they just cut to me and Pollo and Kieran texted me, "Stall ;)"
With the smiley face and everything.
I found this HIGHLY exciting.
Because he saved us last time, the unflappable Nick (on the left) was stuck in the kitchen dealing with Pollo and me. Nothing upsets Nick. He's cool as a cucumber all the goddamn time, and when the screaming broke out, Nick strolled out of the kitchen to watch the drama.
"Nick!" I yelled. "Guard us!"
I think he thought I was kidding. Anyway, I hope Nick gets stuck with us for the rest of the debates because he's the calmest person alive and he looks just like Val from The Birdcage.
Anyway, Melissa and SFYD's Max were dealing with the screaming, VidSF was having technical difficulties, Nick was bored and Pollo and I were stalling.
So we started talking about race issues. I just kept saying over and over in my head, "Be very careful, Spotswood. Be very, very careful."
I have no idea what I said, although I know Pollo compared candidate Eric Smith to James Earl Jones. And afterwards, candidate Lynette Sweet marched right up to Pollo and went on and on about how amazing the commentary was at the D6 debate. Lynette couldn't stop raving to Pollo about the brilliance and hilarity of the color commentary. She didn't look at me once, so finally I was like, "HI! I'M BETH. THE ONE SITTING NEXT TO POLLO."
Lynette, it is safe to say, did not give a shit. And who can blame her? Pollo is perfect. And I almost killed a guy.
I will keep you posted on when the debate is up and online. And then you can consult your calendar and see when you have a seventeen hour window to watch the entire thing. Maybe we can rope VidSF's Ray into making a highlight reel? It should consist of lots of me looking nervous while Pollo provides the celebrity equivalents of the candidates...

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Greg said...

I missed the debate but I heard via the Twitter SOMETHING happened but no one will say what. was there fisticuffs?