Thursday, August 19, 2010

brittney, skim the broth...

Brittney, Big Chris, my brother Alex and I headed out to the Richmond because I insisted on having an adventure. I wanted to go to one of those hot pot restaurants and cook our own food. So into the depths of the fog we venture and upon arrival, the four of us are seated at this massive table.
For $40, we're given all we can eat at drink, which includes both beer and Diet Coke, so everyone is happy.
But once we'd picked our boiling broth flavors and selected our meats (Kobe beef and lamb), the whole thing just became a pain in the ass.
This is purely from my horrible perspective, by the way. My friends found it all fun. They were also doing sake bombs.
The novelty of cooking one's own food is exciting. But then the boiling broth is all steamy and hot and it's hard to enjoy the food because you've got to cook it, one by one. Thin slice of beef in the broth, count to 10, dip it in sauce, eat it. Piece of bok choy in the broth, count to 12, dip it in sauce, eat it.
Quite frankly, I found the whole process WAY too much work. And expensive considering we were the ones slaving over a hot stove all night.
No more do-it-yourself. What's the point of having a job if your leisure time involves doing "it" yourself? Forget it.
Although, it was certainly an adventure, Chris and I checked something off our bucket list of activities and Brittney and I eavesdropped on an exciting fight at the next table. So, you know, I'm looking on the bright side...


Patricia said...

Thanks for taking the bullet on that I won't be doing the Grill'em for the company dinner now..thanks.

Honestly the only reason I am posting a comment is your new UI is awesome nice new format too for those 'helpful links'

Oh, did Big Chris wear his dress nikes?

Seana said...

For a do-it-yourself feel with much less work and steam free atmosphere, I recommend "the rock" at Anzu. Delish, novel and short lived. Love the new format too.

Anonymous said...

I like the format, Beth--but the only book I have any urge to pull off the shelf is that beat up volume with the mottled gray spine, or the purple one on the shelf below it with the book marker. The rest feel a little like something from Mary Worth's living room, or shopping at Pottery Barn.

Would you consider personalizing it--a repeated pattern of your own, eclectic shelf? Okay. Maybe not. tp

Rachel said...

Hot Pot is always fun and delicious in theory... I've gone to Coriya Hot Pot City a couple times, and you sort of have to have a menu in mind before you even go, if you want to get your money's worth and not just spend the whole night shoveling raw beef into your face... Anyway, sounds like a good time!