Monday, June 21, 2010

proximity to starbucks? ONE BLOCK!

Have y'all been reading CBS-5's Eye on Blogs all day? Because I've been writing it all day!
I'm hoping to settle into some kind of normalcy in posting on all of my various hangouts, like here and the Gate and the Appeal and VidSF, but truth be told, I'm still figuring out where the pens are. I spent forever this morning too embarrassed to ask someone to borrow a pen, so I went on a fruitless mission to find one.
In a television newsroom.
It really shouldn't have been this hard. Pens are everywhere, I've since discovered.
So are Emmys. They're on display in the lobby and thus far, I've been caught staring twice.
It's weird going from a suburban office of 3 chicks, where I've been for the past 6 years right up until Friday, to this huge box of a building in the heart of San Francisco with a hundred people and break room. A real breakroom! Like on The Office! With free coffee! And vending machines with popsicles!
I can also report there's automatic soap in the bathroom and everyone arrives and leaves at weird times because people work something called a "shift."
This might be old, boring news to you movers and shakers, but I'm wide-eyed in a TV station newsroom, shocked I don't have to take my own garbage to a dumpster.
I sat in on an editorial meeting this morning, offering nothing but nervous smiles, I chatted about story ideas with my desk neighbor, Joe who's been sent off to cover exciting stories and I stared at my official email address that actually says CBS in it for way longer than professionally appropriate.
So there you have it, since I know my mom cares more than anyone. My first day...


Dave McElhatton said...


Always bring a towel...I mean, pen.

KG said...

This is wonderful, but horde the pens, you just never know when they might become a commodity.

brittney said...


You know that wall of offices behind you? Walk along that wall of offices til you get to a room with the door open and a copy machine in it. That is the supply room. Open up those cabinets in there and you will find pens, highlighters, paper clips, envelopes big and small and, my favorite, those skinny "reporter" notebooks. Help yourself!

Brett said...


Beth Spotswood said...

Thanks all!

And thank you, Brittney. I now have a reporter's notebook, pens, post-its AND A HIGHLIGHTER!

brittney said...

It took me a good six months to find that room.

LB said...

Congrats! Also, I love that you are getting excited about free office coffee. Because there is only a small window in a person's life when they get excited about that (unless you work in that fancy tech office with the sleek, individual cappuccino maker machine). Enjoy this time. I'm going to Starbucks and I hate myself for it.

sfmike said...

You mean the "Leaning Muni Shelter of McAllister" got linked to at CBS on your first day? I love you and hope for all the best in this gig, including an inexhaustible supply of pens, highlighters and free coffee.

Blair said...

Dear Beth,


I am a little concerned about your need to be within a certain proximity of *ME*. You live in my 'hood and now you work a block away from *my* work. Odd.

Can I have a popsicle?

Blair from Lucky Jesus

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is a vicious anti-union employer, essentially the Walmart of coffer hucksters. The green washing image is a crock. Sorry, it bugs me to see these monopolists receiving even indirect kudos.