Sunday, June 13, 2010

the one with barbara thorndike...

The Brians and I went to see Pollo in Golden Girls Live on Thursday because I was worried I wasn't quite gay enough. And thank god I went. I had no idea the gem that sits in the middle of a shitty neighborhood in San Francisco. Somehow, I never realized they were performing actual episodes of the Golden Girls.
That's it.
Four drag queens performing two Golden Girls scripts, with an intermission in between and commercial breaks featuring the audio of hilarious commercials from the 80's and 90's.
For some reason, I thought there'd be all kinds of random shenanigans, but these queens get right down to business, with the back-from-commercial instrumental and everything.
You guys have to go. I'm biased, of course. Rose Nyland is my homegirl. But seriously, even the costumes hit the appliqued shoulder padded nail on the head. It's really good.
After the show, I looked up the Golden Girls online which led me to looking up 80's TV shows online which led me to EPISODES OF DEGRASSI JR. HIGH ONLINE!
As a child, I was allowed to watch very limited television. It was torture. But anything on PBS was pretty much tolerated and much of my life revolved around 3-2-1 Contact, Square-One and Degrassi Jr. High. Because I was so cruelly sheltered in my upbringing, I thought 7th Grade was exactly like Degrassi Jr. High.
Which is to say 7th Grade takes place in Canada and they call it "Grade Seven." Sadly, I went to a parochial K-8 school, so 7th Grade was pretty much exactly like every other grade, with the same goddamn people in the same goddamn uniform in the same goddamn country. There were no awesome parties without chaperones. I didn't have any contemporaries named "Spike" who had mohawks and got pregnant.
At Degrassi Jr. High, everyone's almost European. But they are definitely not American. And I haven't had a taste to this gift from the north in like, 20 years! Join me in watching all 26 episodes PBS posted on YouTube right here.
And go see Golden Girls Live, because it counts at attending the thee-ah-tah but it's totally TV too...


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Speaking of The Golden Girls, this is wrong and/or oddly fascinating.