Tuesday, May 25, 2010

radio show: obviously...

The second someone commented that Melissa and I couldn't cut it in Alaska, I started really looking at real estate.
We both really, really like Ketchikan from the first glimpse out of the cruise ship window, and it's South enough that it's not impossible to easilly get to and fro various international fashion weeks. I mean, we're kinda, sorta serious here.
In response to what I deem a challenge, I've come up with several totally do-able options. The first is this:

At 2.5 million dollars, "Eagle Creek Lodge" may be out of our price range. But in terms of comfort, I think we could make it work. Look at those smokestacks!
For a midrange proptery, I like 1035 Dunton Street. Check out that view. I also like the easy access to the diner we plan to frequent, as well as that sporting goods store I like and the fabulous restaurant we could smoke in that had really good appetizers. At $284,000, this four-bedroom home would give us the space we need and the comforts of the latte cart, which is down by the docks.
Finally, for a mere $139,000 we could purchase this:

It's called Kelly Drive Land and it has on-site septic! Apparently, our "options are countless" and it "includes a concrete grease pit on-site." Hey, I just care about those double deckers! I know a few public transit enthusiasts who would love a couple of hours to play inside of those.
I definitely see the attraction with Alaska. It's cheap (unless you die. It's incredibly expensive to bury people there), it's anonymous and isolated, it's weird, it requires flattering, cozy clothes...the pluses are endless. And I'll never forget waking up, docked in Ketchikan and pulling back the curtains. Without missing a beat, Melissa and I were both thinking the exact same thing. "Shit, Bethy. We should live here..."


Maurice Minnifield said...

Godspeed, you two. I have a friend who, almost twenty years ago, left Alaska to attend college here in SF and, to this day, has no desire to return. He would quickly disabuse you of any quaint Alaska fantasies of hanging out with Ruth-Anne Miller down at the general store with the unfortunate truth.

And, really, could you even stand being in the same state as these doofuses?

Be_Devine said...

You should use one of those buses on the Kelly Drive Land to go Into The Wild. I can totally see you foraging for berries while Mel kills and filets a bear.

DJTennessee said...

But can you see Russia from these properties?

Holly said...

that's funny, Maurice, 15 years ago I left SF to go to college in Alaska and almost stayed. Honestly, if it wasn't so expensive to fly back and forth, I might still be there.

And Beth, if I could live there for as long as I did, you can easily. I think you'd do well in Homer or Kenai. Properties "on the main land" are less expensive, too, iirc.

Holly said...

heh, and if you could handle living in Fairbanks, you could probably replace Glenner on the radio. I hear he gets in trouble every April 1st for scaring the hoi polloi.

Debbie Morgan Griffin said...

Yeah, Beth would have to eat the bear filets and Mel would have to eat the berries, being the vegetarian!! That's how friendship works! I put nothing past these two...causing trouble just for fun!! I know this for a fact, I'm Mel's Mom..