Friday, May 14, 2010

my kind of art...

An awesome reader named Tony, who clearly has my number found this amazing Flickr set called Jail Finds. The come from a county jail library volunteer. And they are wonderful.

I love Lady Antebellum as well.

If I'm in jail, call my dad too.
The above I particularly like because...I could do this all day. This looks like a couple of criminals had a good time in the lounge.
I would actually read Chicken Soup for the Gay Ass Soul over any other Chick Soup book.
Happy Birthday (sigh...)
Hesitantly Champagne is my new drag name.
Chola and Gabana
According to the Flickr account, the jail staff drew the clothes on the cyclist.
I call this "black diapers."
Butter Man reminds me of Bugs Meany.
I imagine Mrs. Butterscotch works in the cafeteria and is really friendly and loud and warm and all, "Hey baby! I saved you some of that tuna casserole you like. With the crispy parts and extra peas!"

And finally, the above looks like the preferred snacklist of my best friend. Thank you Tony for this amazing find! And please, everyone, enjoy hundreds more...


nichole (jumbledpile) said...

This is the best commentary I've heard about the set yet. Thanks for checking it out.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! And they are from the Dane County Jail too! I heart Madison.