Friday, May 28, 2010

happy birthday esquire chris...

Today is Hastings' Birthday, and last night, we celebrated with his annual birthday dinner at Bix. Hastings, you may know, is one of my closest friends and a solid 25% of the reason I continue to survive sobriety.
The man actually ordered a Roy Rogers at Bix. Bix!
I asked our sassy server for something non-alcoholic in an alcoholic glass.
"Well," He was delighted to inform me, "We have a fabulous Pinot Noir grape juice served in a wine glass."
5 minutes later, sassy server emerged from the kitchen carrying a tray. Upon it sat a Roy Rogers, complete with a cherry for the birthday boy and a gorgeous wine glass, filled only a third of the way with deep purple. Sassy server, you've just changed my life.
Now, I'm sure there are some AA brethren out there who are gasping in horror. I should be sipping my juice box or tumbler of water and resigning myself to a life free of stemware. But love it or hate it, there is a glamorous element to drinking I hate to give up. And sitting there on the upper floor of Bix in my pearls and poufy hair, with my hot date and that fancy collection of hors d'oeuvres thing they do, I certainly didn't want a goddamn tumbler of water.
I wanted to sip something befitting the occasion.
So kudos to Bix for providing the pregnant, designated, abstaining and recovering with class in a glass. And cheers to Hastings, who continues to amaze me with his loyalty, friendship, humor and brilliance, even when straightening his suit and ordering a Roy Rogers...


Brittney said...

I love Bix. Love.

Ian's roommate is a server there, otherwise I likely wouldn't know I love it, but, oh man, love.

generic said...

OMG was it the Navarro Pinot Grape? Cause that stuff should barely even be lumped in with grape juice, it's so good. I really want to try their Gew├╝ztraminer, but no one carries it.

Draper Valley makes a good pinot grape, too.

DJTennessee said...

Grape juice in a wine glass is so clever it makes me want to go sober.

Anonymous said...

Was that poufy as in poufy or poufy as in poof?