Friday, May 07, 2010

goodbye night of restful slumber...

The body of the missing Fairfield woman was found in rural Napa this morning by someone walking a dog. Police are looking into rumors that she was having an affair with her married boss, but I think you know where I instantly go with this sad news.
Refresh your memories folks. Caught up? Good.
I've created a rustic timeline and map to give you the lay of the land.
January, 2010: 2 women disappear from Point Reyes one week apart.
February, 2010: 1 Glen Ellen woman found dead in a creek way up north near Highway 1.
April, 2010: 1 Fairfield woman goes missing
May, 2010: Fairfield woman's body found in Napa.

I don't know about you people, but I am fucking freaking out. I realize I propose this theory everytime a female goes missing, but I ju...COULD THIS HOUSE PLEASE STOP CREAKING AND CRACKING!?!? Anyway, I in no way wish to taunt any psychotic misunderstood killer. I just saw this very sad news and couldn't help but wonder...

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Scooby Boo said...

You are not alone Beth. A friend and I suspect a serial killer as well. When we first heard the news we thought "Zodiac Killer." Solano and Napa counties were the stomping grounds of this sicko anyways. We're waiting for police and newspapers to start receiving weird letters.

Hopefully we are wrong.