Monday, May 10, 2010

duncan's toy chest? right away sir...

One of the most fascinating things about my baby brother is the swirl. Do you see it?In the middle of my brother's forehead, right at his hairline, he's got the swirl: a freakish act of nature in which his bangs turn into a timewarp. If you stick your finger in the middle, you might time travel. I can't be sure. He refuses to let me try.
Today is my brother's 27th birthday. There are a million wonderful things about my calm, friendly, easy-going, funny, sweet, dramatically-different-from-me brother. But my favorite things about him are always the weird things: his hair swirl, the crazy shit he says in his sleep, the prayer shrines he built himself before Pop Warner games, his pride at being able to wiggle his ears.
When Alex was little, he used to cringe and scream, "Don't see me!" as everyone sang Happy birthday. I, on the other hand, stood on my chair demanding "the rose."
So I hope that everyone sees Alex today. I hope everyone hugs him and kisses him and screams at him what an amazing man he's become. I hope everyone knows how truly special and different he is, how smart and hard-working Alex is, how kind and mellow and good-intentioned Alex is.
I hope everyone sees Alex. Because he's wonderful and fun and the most important person in the entire world. And he has that swirl, which actually glows on full moons.


Alex said...

Thanks sis! The swirl actually does transport me forward in time. I've seen the future and everything turns out great! That's why I'm so mellow.

Also FYI emilie and I went to the plaza and fao shwartz so we could reenact Home Alone 2. Emilie was the pidgin lady:)

Be_Devine said...

Happy birthday, Alex. I can see you!!

Anonymous said...

I, too, CAN SEE YOU Alex. You're a tough guy to miss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! tp