Tuesday, May 18, 2010

actually, my formal name kinda fits...

A body was just found in a suitcase floating near the Embarcadero. As I just stated to my entire office (of four people), that if I crack this case, I'll be like an Agatha Christie character, with a whole series of cases I solve in small British villages or on transcontinental train rides.
I'd need some kind of affectation, like a parasol or limp, but my snarky, observational intellect would always wait until the last chapter to publicly reveal the whole mystery.
And then I'd be off, silk scarf blowing in the mist as I hop in my sassy vintage convertable with a steamer trunk tied to the back, off to solve the next mystery, or visit my friend in Johannesburg who just happens to have a missing butler.
I have no idea if this body in a suitcase is part of a drug deal gone wrong or another victim of a serial killer theory I've been offering SINCE JANUARY. It may be of interest to note a Marin county musician was found dead yesterday behind her houseboat, although I heard rumors of suicide. All of this, obviously, sad. Incredibly, incredibly unfair and sad.
And, of course, creepy...


generic said...

And what was the name of Poirot's sidekick?


Verbal Kint said...

Yes, I can see it know. How about this spiffy jacket paired with the Squire's walking stick. Too much? Perhaps just a monocle.

kwk said...

Traditionally in the last chapter everyone is gathered in the drawing room of the estate (why is it that only estates have drawing rooms?) for the identity of the murderer to be revealed:
Inspector Clouseau: There is someone in this room who knows more about the murder than he is telling.
Mrs. Japonica: Murder?
Clouseau (turning quickly): What was that you said?
Mrs. Japonica: I said "murder".
Clouseau (exclamation): What murder?
Mrs. Japonica (fearfully): I-I-I don't know, y-you said "murder".
Clouseau: I said murder? You said murder!
Mrs. Japonica: No, I said murder because You said murder.
Clouseau: I said murder?
Mr. Shork: You said 'there is someone in this room who knows more about the murder than he is telling.'

It always worked for William Powell. . . .

Anonymous said...

I love David Susche. A few years back he appeared on Broadway. The charecter actors are also top rate: Inspector Japp, The Captain, Miss Lemmon, as is the title sequence with the theme music you ran). It shows a stylized speeding steam locomotive with the letters LNER on its side. Very good, the London and NorthEastern Railway is very approrpiate to 1930's Britain. Some years ago we were staying at a Landmark Trust flat near Smithfield Market. We walked though a passageway and emerged in a neat square, it was Charterhouse Square. Across the green was a large, posh, art decco apartment block...the very same building depected in the TV show as the site of Peroit's apartments.

Seana said...

First thing I thought when I saw the news about the suitcase was "Oh, I hope it's not one of those women from the coast that went missing!" I'm totally drinkin your kool-aid!