Sunday, April 04, 2010

i certainly wasn't driving to mendocino...

Tonight around my folks' dinner table, my family and friends enjoyed a heated debate over the official answer to the question, "Where are you from?" My mom's brother Ted, who was born in San Francisco, grew up in Burlingame, spent the vast majority of his adulthood in Mendocino County and now lives in Utah claims he is from "Mendocino."
The rest of us think he's from Burlingame.
Actually, I think he's from Mars.
I just drove home, from where I grew up in Mill Valley to my flat in the city, heading across the Golden Gate Bridge, through town in the rain.
And I am from San Francisco.
If anyone in the world had been on that drive with me tonight, they'd be from San Francisco too. The city's lit up and shiny tonight, it's crisp and clean and cold. Hardly any cars were on the roads and everything felt like mine. Every corner had a memory and every song on the radio suddenly seemed to apply.
I was just driving by myself, bundled up with the window down, thinking about my day and my family and my friends and my life. And I was driving home...


Yogi said...

Beth, you gotta get your dad to do research on what he writes. Twice within the last two months he's written stuff in the I-J which omits salient info.

The first was when he finally touted publicly funded campaigns (PFC's) but neglected to cite that there's an initiative on this June's ballot which'll return PFC's to all levels in California. He looked like a fool omitting that info.

Today's was the worst. He cites an AG's opinion of "some years ago"--actually from 1974, making it older than you--which has been legislated out of legal standing. Not good legal work, and your dad once yelled at me on the phone, "I'm a lawyer!"

Worse, he used that shoddy work to turn his column into a hit piece against Shelly Scott, who's running for Assessor against Dickie's good friend. And worst of all, your daddy doesn't say he got that irrelevant piece of info from his good friend.

He's becoming the laughing stock of Marin. Wait, he already is.

Jonathan Frieman
170 Oak Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901

Beth Spotswood said...

A little background on Mr. Frieman.

I'll keep you posted on whether or not he returns my voicemail!

Anonymous said...

Not from "Mendocino", now or ever. It's Mendocino County. Big difference. If you know where I'm coming from. xo tp

Melissa said...

Jonathan, you are clearly a very, very small man.

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

I claim SF but really, I am from MIll Valley.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Frieman,

It stikes me as extremely odd, not to mention cowardly, to write disparaging remarks about someone to that person's daughter.

If this is an example of your judgement you may wish to reflect on both the nature of your complaint and your own abilities of discernment.

Savannah, GA

Brock said...

Ha! Butthurt much, Jonathan? You get called out seamlessly, then go hunting for the next-of-kin. Way to fight the good fight, you prick.

Also, because I so enjoy stooping to your low levels, judging by your creepy mug and piss-poor affected ramblings, you're in no position to label anyone other than yourself a laughing stock.