Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'd like a dance number...

Oh, it is ON! The district supervisory candidate video bar has been raised as D8 candidate Rebecca Prozan apparently got Ken Burns to direct her video. Music? Editing? Snazzy logos? Is this (gasp) commercial quality? Indeed it is. Impressive considering this is just for one cutesy neighborhood (of 80,000 people.)

As far as I'm concerned D8 is the hottest race of them all. Hello? It's the gay race! I pity the breeder that tries to run for dogcatcher in D8. And with Laura "I always say it's nice to meet you even though we've met 658 times before" Spanjian dropping out of the race to move to Houston (yeah, the one in Texas) today, I suspect everyone just stepped up their game.
We've seen Scott, who improved upon his previous video with his slightly better recent collection of interviews. But I've yet to gaze upon Rafael. Here's hoping Rafi's got a masterpiece in the works.
The brilliant idea of having the candidates perform a 4-minute talent portion at a recent debate (yep, I'm gleefully serious) was NIXED (I'm honestly pissed), so I propose the candidates just upload 4 minute videos of their talents. I will gladly post them all on SFGate's Culture Blog provided each candidate actually does it.
Until then, I hope Proz sends a copy of her Oscar contender over to Room 200 every hour on the hour. Hint, hint...

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Jackson West said...

I saw Rebecca outside of the Dolores Park Community meeting where BevDuf introduced her and Scott Weiner. Outside chatting with some neighborhood voter types, she made some joke about how "there's two men in Mandelman." I'm not sure I get it, but that won't stop me from bringing up at some later date in a news item.