Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the most famous dj in rhode island...

I hate it when TV shows are on hiatus. I feel like something's missing, like I keep forgetting to do something and then I remember, "Oh, Mad Men's over. Ugh, when's Amazing Race back?"
I've been wandering around in a haze, attending events and getting things done. Until finally, destination television has returned.
That's right. I'm talking about Jersey Shore.
Melissa, Tara, Leslie and I spent New Year's Day catching up on Jersey Shore and as they hadn't really seen it, I was wondering how the Ivy League twins would handle sleaze TV.
They loved it! Jersey Shore is officially mainstream and my friends started watching while rolling their eyes and by their second episode, were yelling back at The Situation.
So, for those of you that are familiar (all of you), I keep changing my opinion of each cast member. How about you?
Angelina: Good riddance. I'm delighted she and her Hefty luggage have gone back to calling in hungover at Wet Seal.
Pauly D: It's hard for me to like someone who regards Carmine Gotti as a style icon. But the DJ is growing on me. The only thing I take real umbrage with is Pauly D's girl-banging mission with The Situation. It's jumped the shark. I can tell they're starting to pander to the stereotype and they're not gifted actors. You're douchey enough in real life, fellas! Be ya'selves!
The Situation: I love a charmer. But he tried to bag some chick while Snookie was getting beat. Unforgivable. You're 37 years old, Mike. Hooking up with a girl shouldn't be this big of a deal, right?
Sammi: Ugh. With the make-up and the mom waiting. Come ON. Also, "I told you so much!" I love that. Which brings us to...
Ronnie: Hello? What's rule number one, Ronnie? Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. Also, it's recently struck me that Ronnie is incredibly, incredibly short.
JWOWW: I have to admit, I love that voice. What is that? Menthols? The willingness to fight kinda reminds me of someone I know. (Melissa, I'm talking about Melissa, who will verbally throw down if someone looks at us wrong.) Also, I'm enjoying JWOWW's BFFship with Snookie.
Snookie: Love, Love, Love, Love this girl! Fa real. She's a straight up good person, Ed Hardy hat aside. And she took that punch like a champ, laughing about her swollen mouth, being a good sport.
Vinny: Yep. I like him. I like the way too young but weirdly mature ones. Also, Vinny looks exactly like Donnie Wahlberg.
Anyway, I spent a weekend in Seaside Heights once and as we drove there from our dormrooms in Philly, we saw a dead body on the highway. There were police and ambulances and everything, but still. I saw a dead body in the middle of the road on my way to the Shore. I'm just sayin'...


Amy said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one changing my mind about the cast members! I remember thinking "The Situation" was a nice guy and feeling bad that Sammi went with Ronnie, but then he became so horrible!

Sigh, but I hate admitting I watch this show... It's so over the top... :-)

Elizabeth said...

I can't tell for sure, but I think The Situation might be horribly pigeon-toed!

And BTW, you'd better watch out or else you'll be excluded from chicken cutlet night.

Matt Stewart said...

Silicone, anyone?