Thursday, January 28, 2010

look for frontal lobe damage and mother issues...

Today is my (and Brock's) birthday!!! I feel that, even more than usual, this means I get to write about whatever I want. So here goes.
There is a serial killer on the loose.
I think he (yes, he) is working primarily in the Point Reyes and Sonoma County Areas, owns a car and is caucasian.
I KNOW. I'm freaked out too.
Okay, here are my clues:
1. 2 women in 2 weeks have gone missing from walking around Pt. Reyes. As was brilliantly pointed out in the comments, the police's swept out to sea theory doesn't really cover the fact that it's just women who keep falling magically into the ocean. People walk around Pt. Reyes all day every day. 2 women in 2 weeks is suspect.
2. I got an email with the spam-esque "Daddy thinks you might be interested in this." Turns out, my father had forwarded me an article from the Press Democrat. Get a load of THIS. A 34-year old Wine Country Film Festival Volunteer named Erica Shane was found dead in a creek at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday. Her Subaru Forrester was parked "unusually" 200 yards away. Who drowns in a creek? Just off the top of my head, she was run off the road, ditched her car and ran.
That's 3 women, ages 37, 77 and 34 since January 10th. The locations are approximately 60 miles apart if you take Highway 1 straight up from Pt. Reyes to Calzadero. It's a lovely drive. Brock and I are investigating on Sunday.
Whaddaya think?


Cali said...

First of all, happy birthday!

Secondly, you may be right about a serial killer. A 40-year age gap between the first and second victims is a little strange, but if he's just starting out his victim preference may not be set. Interesting, very interesting.

Scrappy-Doo said...

A very Happy Birthday to you and to Brock.

As for investigating, with which character of the Scooby-Doo oeuvre do you and Brock most relate?

@Cali if he's just starting out his victim preference may not be set - awesome. He's just testing the water, if you will.

The Sonia Show said...

Happy birthday, Beth!

Rebecca said...

You sure have inherited your Grandad's genes! Go find the killer! I'm coming to Marin in March and I want this all over by then.

(Happy birthday!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Spotswood!
I have never seen so many facebook birthday posts. You are one popular girl. Saw you on TV! You look great! So confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It was so exciting to hear your voice, I went running to the TV and screamed!

Hope you birthday weekend is as you would say, fabulous.

Brock said...

I know we can crack this walnut of a case wide open, Beth.

Or get our throats slit while being sodomized.

Anonymous said...

Since the identity of this person has been narrowed so greatly (a 'he' that owns a car and is caucasian) he might as well turn himself in now!

teenz said...

Happy Birthday Beth! Have a wonderful day!

Creepy white guy said...

Ha! You and Brock will never find me as I taunt you with clues and delicious references to beef jerky.

Oh, and Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

first 2, accidents. what makes it suspect is the time between the two, if it was the same day it wouldn't be so beguiling. but sorry, accidents. 3rd one sounds likely an argument gone bad and someone fled the scene. obviously there's no connection mo-wise to two disappearnces with no bodies, no crime scene to leaving a ridiculously obvious crime scene at the third. sorry, but no.

Anonymous said...

"It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes." S.H.

DJTennessee said...

It's a lovely drive. Brock and I are investigating on Sunday.
Whaddaya think?

I think normal girls wish for things like cake and presents for their birthday.

sparkly said...

I very much believe this is a serial killer. the stormy conditions are a perfect front for a murder -body just needs to get tossed in the waves where it'd disappear indefinitely, & search efforts would quickly chalk it up to 'sneaker waves.'

Both women were experienced hikers/walkers at Pt Reyes. And a 77 year old woman, a former Park Ranger no less, wouldn't exactly be running around galavanting in the surf. She also clearly intended to return fairly quickly as she left the other dogs in the car.

It just doesnt feel right. Thank you for speaking out!

kwk said...

This devious sicko is obviously taunting you with DaVinci Code type clues, see your last paragraph:
"3 women, ages 37, 77,34...January 10...60 miles apart...Highway 1"
So, there's 3-3-7-7-7-3 and then there's 10-60-1 and if you subtract the Area Code for Marin from the Zip Code for..., oh hell, just chalk it up to Missing White Woman Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

I am late to the discussion -- so first off Happy Birthday.

Now, where does yesterday's swept out to sea lady in Berkeley put us?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Beth.

And a happy B-day from me as well.

I saw your comment a few days ago and wanted to offer my opinion as well.
I believe you may be correct in your belief that a serial killer is responsible for the disappearance of these women.
There have been quite a few unusual or "equivocal" deaths of women in varuious isolated/remote locations in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties over the last few years.
No one wants to frighten these communities, simply politics.
I've done my research, as I always do.

There have also been what would be termed "tragic accidents" of a few others which have been located, such as riding their mountain bikes over cliffs and falling from such...
There is a pattern emerging here in my humble opinion..
It wouldn't all that difficult to position oneself along a known route and take advantage of the right situation as I suspect has occurred.

But what do I know, right?
I'm retired....

Christen Allen Iman
Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA