Friday, January 22, 2010

i bet he/she plays farmville...

The Golden Gate Bridge FINALLY approved me as his/her friend on Facebook and this morning, 2 minutes ago in fact, he/she posted: Golden Gate Bridge Heavy hail this morning mixed with very slushy snow at about 6:30 AM today at the northend of the GGB!!!
What about now, GGB? What about now?
Some of us (yes, me) are volunteering at a homeless shelter this morning (no, I am not kidding although I can understand why you'd think I would be) and need to be safely across you in about an hour.
I drive across the GGB every day and always assumed if I died upon him/her, it'd be in an act of terrorism. No, apparently I'll perish in a SNOW STORM, but at least everyone will have to say nice things at my memorial because I was on my way to do God's work.
"Ugh, so sad about Beth."
"I know! And I understand she was on her way to volunteer in the community."
"It's true."
"Well, she must be smiling down on us from heaven, then."
"I doubt it. She was probably just doing it for blog fodder..."


HappyRachael said...

Just arrived in MV safely from city. You will survive the "snow and ice." However, it is kind of surreal. Good luck! :)

practically Mother Teresa said...

Well, giving is, apparently, as good as watching The Cosby Show