Sunday, January 10, 2010

congratulations chris!

There are honors and then there are honors.
Oscar? Pulitzer? Nobel? Chumps.
The greatest honor one can achieve is DListed's Hot Slut of the Year.
I get most of my news exclusively from DListed, the single greatest website on the entire internet. And everyday, DListed's Michael K crowns some lucky bitch the Hot Slut of the Day. Each is up for Hot Slut of the Week, the winner of that goes into the running for Hot Slut of the Month and then (please pause for moment of respectful silence), we cast our ballot for Hot Slut of the Year.
Well today, a day that should go down in the anals (that was for Michael K) of San Francisco history, our very own Supervisor Chris Daly is Hot Slut of the Day.
Seriously. This is a really big deal (to Brock and me.)
So begins my campaign to get Chris Hot Slut of the Week at least.
Congrats, Supervisor!


DJTennessee said...

Somebody showed up with a ripped-off shopping cart full of ice cold Pabst at the DListed holiday party...

Brock said...

We need to get him HSOTW, for sure.

Melissa Griffin said...

I was just reading dlisted and saw this. I am beside myself that I know a HSOTD. This is a truly great day.

Brittney said...

When I opened up D-Listed on my phone in bed Sunday morning to see Daly was the Hot Slut, I nearly choked. I was all, "Ian! Chris Daly is Hot Slut of the Day," and he looked at me like I was speaking in tongues.