Saturday, January 23, 2010


If you do nothing else on this beautiful, rainy Saturday, stay in and watch Gavin's newest You Tube update. It is fucking fabulous.
Libraries, panning in and out, special guests, free books on the internet, a huge fern and bitching about the Supervisors? Relatively speaking, this week's video is like a really good episode of Planet Earth.
Filmed in the rare book section of the Main Branch of the San Francisco Library (oh, getting out of the office, I see. What a great idea), the Mayor is all about jobs this week. Suddenly and excitingly, the camera pans out to reveal 2 guests joining Mayor Newsom for a delve into the inner workings of his Jobs Now program. At least I think that's what it was about. Much like Gavin's guest, I was really just waiting for the Mayor to remember his guests' names. I wonder how hard a little graphic of the dude's name would be? Anyway, the guest (Bill) is the head of some company that digitizes books for an online library.
Bill got to hire loads of new people thanks to this new job program and soon, we'll all get to visit the library online so we don't have to watch homeless people downloading free porn in the middle of the day.
After a quick, informative and awkward interview, Gavin takes a break (so Bill and his employee, Tracy can scram) and comes back to segue into bitching about the Supervisors.
"Speaking of connecting people, I hope we also can connect the Board of Supervisors and my office...I am here. I'm open to new ideas and good arguments."
Obviously. Gavin is pretty much taking ALL of my ideas and using them these days.
I pa-tik-alarly liked it when he said, "Allow us the dignity..."
Anyway, I'm delighted the Mayor and his staff are moving stuff around, bringing in some warm bodies, involving a plant again, complaining about the Board and taking their show on the road. It's a wonderful change of pace and a huge step in the right direction. That being said, I'm not imbedding it this week because I think the following clip is way, way more interesting.
It's Andy Cohen with Gretchen from the Real Housewives of Orange County and Cheyenne Jackson, the openly gay, incredibly hot star of 30 Rock describing sitting next to Diana Ross on the same flight as the cast of the Jersey Shore. You are welcome.
As for you, Mr. Mayor, why not take a clue from Bravo producer Andy and invite a celebrity on what is turning into a talkshow!
Please leave your talkshow name suggestions in the comments, because I think we can all agree, Gavin needs to name this shit. You can see Mayor Newsom's video HERE.


Patricia said...

I can not believe I just spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon indoors because you told me to watch Gavin Newsom video...I feel so ...oh what's the word ... the fine people working behind the scenes to make Beth and her legion of readers watch the Mayor's Saturday videos.

Fredo said...

I have been shilling for you all over town.

reechard said...

Yay Beth! I'm sure your good-natured mayoral video critiques are having the intended effect! There may be hope yet for Him and His Hair.