Friday, December 04, 2009

worse than hair plugs. it's spots plugs...

When I started writing this blog 5 years ago, I had no idea of the nerdy twists and turns my online life would enjoy. I'm so glad you've come with me, friends. And as your reward for sticking around, you'll get to see me fall on my face at one (or all) of the following events:
1. The current Weekend What's Up in on the internet and on KOFY. So far, only one person from high school suddenly wants to reconnect on Facebook after seeing me in local television. But I'll keep at it.
2. The Beths will be filming at the Dickens Fair this weekend. The jokes write themselves.
3. Being a judge is one thing. Being judged is entirely another. I'll be competing in the San Francisco Holiday Literary Death Match on Friday, December 11th at the Elbo Room. Apparently, Chicken John is a judge! My mother will be attending. You should join her.
4. And finally, I am going to Reno. Why? Because The Beths are covering the Santa Crawl, in which drunken Santas bar hop in Reno, Nevada under the guise of charity. I believe I've also agreed to ski. On camera. Dressed an Santa. They're flying us there and we each get our own hotel room and everything. You can read all about it HERE.
Also, I need a date to my office party this weekend. Seriously...

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Sy Sperling said...

"Also, I need a date to my office party this weekend. Seriously..." Has Michael Vincent Gutierrez made bail? Actually, I do not believe this statement, my incredulity is off the chart.