Wednesday, December 23, 2009

san francisco views (on sully, hairplugs and alcoholism...)

I'm embedding this mainly to make it easy for my folks to watch. They're very enthusiastic about these things but unable to figure out how to watch live internet webisodes. This was me filling in for Brock on today's SFViews, a full 22 minutes of conversation with one of my dearest friends, Eve Batey!
So Dick and Joanne, enjoy it...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my life easy! Favorite lines:
"except that she's a person"
"finger on the pulse, or lack thereof"

Anonymous said...

Good show, Beth. There's nothing wrong with an ample hat size. Some of us need the space. And since you weren't drinking the 2008 Way Smashed Pinot Noir, maybe they could have at least supplied you with a SFViews coffee mug. Maybe next time. (Sorry about your cat, Eve.) tp

Brock said...

Excellent hosting duties! I hope to one day share the airwaves with you as your affable sidekick.