Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am embarrassed to tell you this, but I have a yahoo email account. I know, I know. It's like we've travelled back in time. Anyway, Yahoo posts all kinds of random news stories and odds are, some of this bullshit is going to be of serious interest to me.
Today I learned that some dude in Kansas named Sully is getting his self-titled vanity plate taken away because starting in about 30 hours, people in Kansas need to have different license plates from one another.
I know, right? They probably all have Yahoo accounts too.
Anyway, now that Kansas has joined us on the common sense bandwagon, they've posted a list of the 10 most popular (and thus given out like it's no big deal) vanity plates in Kansas.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Sunflower State:

HUSKERS, 53 people have this license plate
2FAST4U, 36

In the interest of full disclosure, my maternal Grandpa was born in Kansas and I come from a family of vanity plates. That being said, none of them rival "GITRDUN" or "BLESSED," much less the belligerent "REDNECK."
Imagine the moment they each figured out 'redneck' had seven letters and, wait for it...license plates get seven letters. Hell, Earl. call up the DMV and git 'er done.
Kudos to Kansas for figuring out that most of these people are criminals to begin with and thus, should all have different plates. According to the rules, whomever has enjoyed REDNECK the longest gets to keep it...


Watson & Crick said...

Now if only genetic diversity resulted from this license plate epiphany on the importance of distinctiveness. Particularly for those with GITRDUN. Man alive!

sfmike said...

Great post. My favorite was definitely "Blessed," which is sort of like asking for God to send a twister or a bolt of lightning to kill you since one is so publicly indulging in Sinful Pride.

And don't tell anyone else, but I have a Yahoo email address too. It's for weird, random publicists to get hold of me .

emmajames said...

This will have me chuckling for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing.

Amused said...

I lived in Wichita in middle school and hated every minute of it. This post was awesome! GITRDUN!