Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the home turf was usually antioch...

I'm a big fan of local television, mainly because it's so easy to get on it. Recently, I was remembering an '80's Bay Area Saturday morning show on KRON called "Home Turf." Home Turf was gritty and urban as evidenced by it's opening credits which employed a friendly graffiti font and involved lots of hip hop music and skateboarding. Sitting in my suburban enclave and watching Dominique diPrima interview breakdancers, my dream was to one day be as cool as those who appeared on Home Turf.
Peter Hartlaub wrote a fabulous piece about Home Turf two years ago, and I delighted in finding our shared love of this morning show in my Google search, even though the YouTube links no longer work (a crime!) Word UP, P-Hart.
So last night, as I hiked the mountains of Potrero Hill with Tim the Trainer and discussed local programming, I casually asked, "Do you remember that old show, Home Turf."
Without missing a beat, Tim said, "I was on Home Turf. Twice."
Tim spent his youth (or at least, I imagine that Time spent his youth) breakdancing his way around San Francisco in an adidas track suit, gold chains and a bucket hat. One of my favorite voices that he does (I require wacky characters to actually exercise) is 80's Sugar Hill Gang rap guy, who makes up various "Shuffles" while I do sit ups. So Tim being a 12 year old guest star on Home Turf makes sense.
It is also fucking hilarious.
"You were what?"
"Dude, I was totally on Home Turf."
"In one episode I was rapping and in one episode I was breakdancing."
Turns out, Tim went to a recording studio in some shithole in the Sunset and recorded a rap about staying off drugs. He then had to go breakdance in front of the Palace of Fine Arts to no music. "They added the music in later."
I actually stopped on a sidewalk in Portero Hill, bracing myself against a stop sign because I was laughing so hard. Tim was perplexed. "What?"
"Well, I just find is fabulous that I bring up some random local TV show from 20 years ago called Home Fucking Turf and you're like, 'Oh yeah. I was on it.'"
And Tim spins around, flashes a gang sign and goes, "Twice."

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Greg said...

I was on TV20's Dance Party in the 80s. Twice.