Thursday, October 29, 2009

starting today...

Guess what?
Weekend What's Up is coming to TV!
I know. I know. This is all so exciting. But wait. It gets even more glamorous.
We're going to be on KOFY. Remember KOFY? Yeah, Channel 13! We're filming a 60-second version of the Weekend What's Up (in addition to the "web-exclusive" version) and it'll run Thursday-Saturday "at least once during our afternoon Springer/Wilkos block and once during our Scrubs/Star Trek block on weekdays/weeknights."
So all of you Steve Wilkos Show viewers? HI!
(This moment was made even better by the fact that the clip up on the Steve Wilkos Show website is entitled, "I Lock My Wife In A Closet.")
Weekend What's Up will also be on KOFY in the middle of the night, so if you have a job and aren't' home watching the commercials during Jerry Springer or Star Trek reruns, then please stay awake because I might or might not be taking you to commercial during Perry Mason.
Anyway, thanks to the folks at KOFY! We're so excited the Weekend What's Up is hitting the airwaves (during the Steve Wilkos Show) and I can't wait for the 1 in 843,491,293 chance of people that were mean to me in high school to stumble upon this.
And also, thanks Kieran and T-Rog for finally gettin' me on the boob tube...


Anonymous said...

After winning over Jim Gabbert with your charming Weekend What's Ups, perhaps you'll get to shoot one aboard his jet?

BIG JER! said...

Ahh! I'm Excite!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! A tip o' the hat to you. Beth. The cream rises...... T.P.

sfmike said...

Jim Gabbert is still alive?

I had a show on public access in the early oughts called "Fototales" on Channel 29 and found that all my truly serious fans were bartenders who watched the show during 4AM reruns. It was way too cool. Congrats.

Jill said...

Congrats! See if you can use your wiles to bring back the KOFY Dance Party!