Friday, October 30, 2009

rehab is for quitters...

OMG! Gavin dropped out of the race!
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!
I can't say I'm not disappointed. A whole year of fodder was just ripped from my hands. I'm a little sad and a little curious about what's next for the Mayor. Will he return to the private sector and give up the spotlight? Or will he run again?

Beats me, but he's promised the following, according to the Chron:
At a City Hall news conference dealing with the bay oil spill, Newsom was asked whether he would be in town this weekend. He said he would be, and that reporters "would have a political story Sunday." He did not elaborate.
I'm going to be pissed if it's something boring...


brucebellingham said...

Beth, Very funny line about the Golden gate Yacht Club and the "men who live with their mothers." ... I think it's a good thing that Gavin will stay around and be mayor for awhile longer. The oil spill tonight is a good example of making a presence. Besdiesm If I have to do my penance in this one-horse town, then why shouldn't he? San Francisco. Oy, what a pity. She's let the carpetbaggers have their way with her too often. S=Not so long ago, she would go out for the evening in a cocktail dress, white gloves, and an elegant hat -- but stagger home in the wee hours, disheveled, unsteady, leaning on the arm of a total bum that she picked up along the way. That's what happened to our city.

Bruce Bellingham

Snaggs said...

It's Monday now; I must have missed the political story on Sunday. Did that ever materialize?