Monday, October 19, 2009

the peach thing, i'm still not 100% on...

If you don't watch Glee, I have 2 things to say to you. 
1. What the fuck is your problem? 
2. Everyone's going to be singing this song. You might as well start listening to it and either loving it or rolling your eyes at it. Because it'll be coming out of the Castro on repeat. As for me, well, this is my new anthem. It applies to mean comments, my workouts, my vintage treasure chest of grudges...basically what Grey Cloud calls my motivation for everything I do. 
So if you're anything like me and enjoy performing sassy music videos in your bathroom mirror while counting the years until you can be a guest on Letterman and give a very specific list of people the finger, well then, this is your song. 
Also, here's the version from Glee which YOU KNOW had Bevan Dufty up on his couch screaming, "Tell it!"


kwk said...

And a companion song, done here by one of Tori Spelling's siblings (Yes, there's another Miss Spelling):
"I Want You To . . ."

Lip sync doesn't compare to a live version especially at around 7:25 minutes when she takes a cell phone away from an audience member.

Greg said...

Glee is brilliant. It's one of the few things I try to watch live anymore, or at least as soon as possible.

Kim Nunley said...

Jill Scott rocks it...