Friday, October 30, 2009

i'll probably get in trouble again...

Ansel, my number one rehab gay, has presented me with the best soberversary idea anyone has ever imagined. If you recall, it almost 1 year ago I checked into treatment. I promise a big, revealing and reflective post on the actual date and you are all invited to by wildly inappropriate and irreverent Soberversary Party on Monday, November 16th. 
But it seems appropriate that Ansel and I celebrate somehow by ourselves. Ansel was 3 days ahead of me in our 28-day adventure and was, in fact, the first "patient" I met when I checked in, clutching a pillow and sobbing. 
Ansel was requesting his cigarettes from the nurse's station and in the interest of maintaining social graces under the most horrific of circumstances, the nurse attempted to introduce us. 
"Ansel, this is Beth S. She's checking into detox."
"Hey." He deadpanned. "It's not that bad."
He then grabbed his cigarettes and walked away. 
My mother forced a huge grin and screamed, "See? You already made a friend!"
That was our big introduction, me and Ansel. 
Now, almost a year later, the "It's not that bad" grunter has hatched a plan to celebrate our shared milestone. We're going on the Ultimate Family Overnight Adventure on the USS Hornet. Apparently, the Hornet, which I was last aboard so drunk that I got in trouble, is haunted! And there, amidst excited families and scared 5-year olds, will be Ansel and me, playing in the simulator, eating in the mess hall and sleeping in the sailors' bunks. 
Please, dear God, let there be a 'get to know you' game so some little shit in a USS Hornet hat can ask how we know each other...


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