Monday, October 12, 2009

famous last words...

Have you prepared your flashlights and candles? A massive storm of rain and wind is coming our way and much to my delight, everyone is freaking out. I keep looking outside, waiting for tree branches to crash against my window or to see people walking along the sidewalk and then all of a sudden, their umbrellas are turned inside-out by a huge gust of wind.
I can see stars.
It's disappointing to say the least.
I love a good storm. I love big, fall weather for the worst reasons possible: the clothing and the Agatha Christie-type setting it provides for murder mysteries. This promised storm was supposed to strike at midnight, but it would seem all of that information on where to get sandbags got us riled up for nothing.
It's all a big jip, as far as I'm concerned. This is, of course, what they'll read at my memorial service when my car spins out of control in the rain and wind and I die in the middle of the storm I was complaining about.
This storm is supposed to be so big, the news is offering advice! It's all very exciting and I feel like I'm at a concert waiting for the headliner to stop dicking around backstage and start the show.
Brilliantly, Katie tweeted, "it sorta feels like Christmas, waiting for this storm."
I hope we wake up to presents...


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest feelings is waking up at 3AM and hearing the pouring rain on the roof, and falling back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

If it's rain you want, come to Atlanta bcs we've had plenty -- with more to come.

On another note, I was very disappointed that Team Asbergher got kicked off Amazing Race. The irony of it was that they were discussing bad kharma in the cab, they come in first only to discover that they lost their passport. I'm really hoping that they get another chance on the next season bcs I was really rooting for them