Monday, October 26, 2009

also, the halloween spirit store on van ness and post rules...

This weekend, my adorable brother took me to his work Halloween Party, which you can see our little video of RIGHT HERE. I was impressed with the caution thrown to the politically correct wind in the costume department. Geishas, Injuns, "Spanish lady"...I know some people who's heads would have exploded at the sight of someone dressed as a Native American for Halloween. Even I did a double take. "Shit, is that chick an Indian? I think that's supposed to be offensive."
Anyway, the costumes at this shindig were incredible. And if they weren't elaborate, they were definitely clever. One of my brother's co-workers was wearing a knit hat, blazer, skinny jeans, Buddy Holly glasses, Converse and a t-shirt that said "Socialist."
"Oh, you're a socialist? Topical."
He rolled his eyes, in character. "Actually, I'm a hipster. But (sigh) whatever."
I saw a really great Joan Holloway and a flawless Melanie Daniels from The Birds. I was a little regretful I didn't go with classy yet sexy 60's femme fatale and instead, went as Aileen Wuornos
No one really got who I was, even in my full, built-in elastic waistband, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS jumpsuit, until I mentioned the movie Monster. Towards the end of the evening, my brother went off to get more drinks and ended up running into some friends, thus leaving me standing by myself in an orange DOC jumpsuit with a bunch of strangers. Suddenly, a fabulous British man with gorgeous man-arms and flowing hair came up to me as I ate macaroni and cheese out of a plastic cup and said, "Who are you supposed to be?"
"I'm Aileen Wuornos."
"Oh!" He laughed. "You're the man-hating lesbian serial killer!"
Sir, I love you. 
But that was the end of that and I just stood there feeling very masculine. Finally my brother arrived to rescue me and we had a lovely time until he dropped me off at home. I decided to stay in and not change. 
Had anyone peeped through my living room window on Saturday night, they would've seen me sitting in my DOC jumpsuit and blonde wig watching The Canterville Ghost and loving every second of it...
*Photo credit: Brock Keeling, who saved this photo as "Beth is a Monster." On an unrelated note, I cannot WAIT for 40 Going on 28's recap of Mad Men. TWIST!

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AlliC said...

Did you notice that Big Bird repeatedly picked a wedgie in the video? Classy.