Monday, September 07, 2009

you'd be worried too if all you had was am/fm...

So, uh, what's the plan for getting to work tomorrow? As I'm sure everyone in the greater Bay Area is aware, the Bay Bridge, which has been closed for repairs and was scheduled to re-open tomorrow morning, ain't gonna open. 
My main concern is that no one knows exactly what this means. All hell could break loose. And it's not even the horrible, Earth-hating car people who are screwed. Busses and BART will be equally fucked. I wasn't truly worried until I looked onto Twitter. Hastings was stuck on the Golden Gate Bridge at 8pm on a holiday. 
Shit. I mean, I'm glad he Tweeted the update. But shit. 
I've been concocting all kinds of schemes to get across the Golden Gate tomorrow because according to everyone, traffic will be abhorrent. Thus far, if my math is correct, my quickest route would be to take Highway 1 to Ocean Beach, backstroke to Cavallo Point and catch a cab. 
But I'm open to suggestions...

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