Tuesday, September 15, 2009

whenever my colleague from district one is ready...

I don't know whether to find this wonderful or appalling, but San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar is using Facebook to post camera phone pictures from the Board Meeting...going on RIGHT NOW. Oh, internet. You provide such access!
I'm torn between the obvious "shouldn't he be paying attention?" and texting meeting attendee Melissa, "If you see Eric Mar holding his cell up in the air, wave to me."
I guess this transparency is good. I mean, at least we know he's at work.
And Supervisor Mar was kind enough to detail the text on this gentleman's t-shirt, which apparently reads, "It takes the hood to save the hood."
Anyway, if you're at this meeting right now and you see Eric Mar tweeting or Facebooking or changing his relationship status on something, wave to me...

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Jeremy said...

My favorite "Supervisors on Facebook" moment was when Eric Mar updated his status during a Board meeting, and then Chris Daly commented on it, saying something like "quit checking Facebook during the Board meeting." What a couple of rascals.