Thursday, September 10, 2009

never forget...

Tomorrow is September 11th, a day which will forever ruin birthdays for those born on that tragic date. Obviously, the events of that horrific morning are still unbelievable, profoundly evil and unspeakably sad.
That being said, I continue to find them incredibly interesting.
Thus, I will remain glued to the TV as soon as the 9/11 annual rehashings begin. I intently watch all of but not limited to:
-Historical Re-enactments
-Dramatic Re-enactments
-News footage of the day as it happened (ideal)
-Analytical timelines and movements of the 19 terrorists
-Celebrity thoughts/memories/opinions
I’m not proud of this, but I can’t be any worse than all of the people throwing parties tomorrow night like no one’s noticed it’s September 11th. I know the terrorists “win” if we totally change our lives and live in constant fear and reflection, but I can’t help it. There’s no way I will ever be able to do anything on September 11th that is unrelated to the tragic events of 2001.
Oddly, my favorite person to share all of the 9/11 coverage with is my mother, who against her better judgment and amid claims this whole thing is ridiculous, will sit with me for hours alternately gasping at the horrors and offering various theories.
I hope you don't think we're comparing this unspeakable historical tragedy to the Superbowl or the Oscars. It's not like we have themed snacks or anything...


antfaber said...

Themed snacks?
You're awesome.

antfaber said...

Or maybe people are forgetting about 9/11 because of the lack of themed snacks? If we all had a Twin Tower Torte or suchlike every year, we wouldn't forget.

big jer said...

I'm the same way. I spend all day scouring the web for original news footage. it's raw and emotional and the best way to spend the day. Sounds morbid, but necessary.

antfaber said...

This could be the way to realize your dreams.
1. Come up with a compelling themed snack array for 9/11
2. Unveil it right before 9/11/2011. (You could do it next year, but I think the 10th anniversary is better strategically)
3. Bask in your universal acclaim and fame, when Congress declares your themed snacks the Official Themed Snacks of 9/11.
4. Mucho bucks roll in from endorsements of 9/11 snacks and royalties on the recipes.
5. Rudy Guiliani will probably try to hire you, but hold out for your own TV show, and not one of those crappy reality things, either.
6. Gavin will realize the horrible mistake he made by marrying Swiss Miss and dump her for you.
7. You then, having made him sign a prenup with a "No bring home hobos to the White House" clause, run for President and win, making Gavin the first First Gentleman
8. World Peace and Universal Happiness is achieved via judicious applications of grooming products.

It ain't 12 steps, but it'll have to do.

antfaber said...

I have to thank you. A FB friend posted "Do not let your ignorance of capitalism cause you to hate what you do not understand. Do not let your ignorance of religion and isolation cause you to kill your fellow man." on the morning of 9/11. I and several others keyed in on the "capitalism" part of it, then someone posted "I think it is very sad that his really important point - the one that upset him a great deal today - is not what the comments made on it are about." After a while, I realized she was talking about 9/11 so, in ordet not to appear to be the total idiot that I am, I posted "If it doesn't have themed snacks, I ignore it." and a link to this. You've saved me from untold embarrasment.