Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the delicate art of gift giving...

As our beloved friend Chef Dan just welcomed a healthy new baby, Melissa and I have been agonizing over an appropriate gift to send. We spent much of this morning e-mailing various newborn celebratory options back and forth, wondering if flowers might be more appropriate or maybe a gift for the parents, as they're now stuck with some attention starved kid.
I was dressed like a little British kid until I was 7 or 8. Hopefully, Dan won't subject his little bundle of joy to the child-size berets I was forced to wear. And Melissa, she'll be horrified I'm telling you, sported traces of a mullet at one point in her youth.
These travesties must not be repeated.
Thus Mel and I decided to kick of this baby's closet with something sartorially charming. Back and forth we went with the trendy onesie option. They have "RUN-DMC" onesies and "Ramones" onesies. We found tuxedo t-shirt onesies and "That's What She Said" onesies. Then, of course, there's the wonderful world of organic children's clothing that goes on and on and on...
Finally, we found what we were looking for.
Instantly, we'd agreed. The pefect gift.
The following, along with a charming note, was sent to Chef Dan, his lovely wife and their brand new addition this afteroon:
Loads of Love,

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Melissa said...

OMG! I can't believe you told them about the mullet...

Shopping for the appropriately, inappropriate gift was so fun!