Monday, August 10, 2009

where's the santa hat...

I fear I may have roped my dear Brock into my Manson obsession. Last night, he sent me a divine glamour shot of killer Susan Atkins. The photo, clearly taken post-incarceration is quite something. I responded to Brock,
"How interesting!
1. Why does she get Glamour shots? She stabbed a pregnant woman to death.
2. Why select the hand pose? The hair? The gaze? Each so specific, so fantasy-driven.
3. Who was this shot for? Certainly not the press, although to dare but to dream. A lover? A pen pal lover? Fascinating!!!!!"
Brock's enthusiastic response?
"Isn't it the greatest shot, ever?
1. I think in prison you get to have these kinds of shots done, like during the holidays and stuff.
2. TOTALLY. It might be LSD flashbacks, the fantasy-driven part.
3. Her husband, maybe? God? She was really into both of them.
Also, Leslie Van Houten is GORGEOUS. Even today. She was the Linda Evangelista of the group."
I think it's fantastic that Brock's decided prisoners get to take glamour shots "during the holidays." Anyway, I think this can wrap up my 40th Anniversary re-hashing of the Manson Family. We're be back in 10 years, unless of course Squeaky gets me first...

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DJTennessee said...

4. Why the Electric Light Orchestra-inspired man-fro?