Thursday, August 27, 2009

SOUTH lake tahoe? typical...

I was going to write a post today about how much I hate the words to "Don't Worry Be Happy" but then THIS happened.
Lemme break it down for you because I was easily confused.
  • An 11 year old girl named Jaycee was kidnapped in South Lake Tahoe in 1991.
  • Yesterday, she rolled into a police station in Concord and announced she was alive.
  • Registered sex offender Phil Garrido (who's also being investigated for elder abuse) and his wife have been charged with a litany of crimes, including all the bad, pedophile ones.
  • Phil has a crazy, weird blog.
  • Jaycee remembers everything and is in good health.

Okay, here we go.

  • What the hell took Jaycee so long?
  • Was, as Brock suggested, she used as "bait" to kidnap other children?
  • Her stepfather "saw" her get kidnapped in 1991. Needless to say, mother and stepfather are no longer together, but that in and of itself strikes me as fishy.
  • What is UP with Mrs. Garrido? Not like some loner kidnapping and molesting children is acceptable, but a married couple in cahoots? He must have beat her.
  • And most importantly, was this case anything like the most interesting long term kidnapping of all time?

We shall continue to discuss as more details are revealed, but let's begin...


Chrystal K. said...

Wow, I really want to know what happened during all of those years. I'm glad she's ok.

Anonymous said...

Oh it gets worse. She had two children by him. I can't even imagine. And it may seem odd to us, but I think husband/wife teams in this type of situation is fairly common. Something for your creepy research.

bblackvt said...

Amazing...after all that time...well, finally there must be some closure for the family and friends of this young lady.

Lisa said...

One can only imagine what this girl has been through for 18 years!!!! What an amazing story, it is a miracle that she is alive.

thomas jones said...

This is crazy, to believe that the search stopped and she was alive accepting the fact that people gave up on her...damn.