Friday, August 07, 2009

i'm the 'and more!'...

It’s Friday night!
Which means you’re all asking yourself one question: What’s on the radio?!?!?
Well, if you tune in to Pirate Cat Radio tonight from 6(ish)-7, you can hear me and Mel join the cats from the League of Pissed of Voters. I’m sure you’re well aware “The League” has a 2-hour Friday night radio show. Well, tonight’s the night as I’ll spew nonsense for the better part of the first hour. Or I’ll get stage fright and make Melissa do all the talking. Either way, it’s radio free America straight from my hood and I practiced in the car.
You can listen online or apparently, in person as there’s also the Pirate Cat CafĂ©. And please feel free to call in and ask inappropriate questions: 415-341-1199
So cancel your reservations and gather ‘round the radio.

6-7pm tonight.
Pirate Cat Radio
The League of Pissed of Voters Radio Show with Mel and me.

And while we're plugging things, I'll be one of the judges at the upcoming Literary Death Match, Friday, August 14th at the Elbow Room. Apparently, the needed "a lady." Check out their advertisement:
This month, LDM invites five Bay Area independent bookstores to send their favorite writers to battle it out for the crown. Listen to readers Jade Brooks (City Lights), Alvin Orloff (Dog Eared Books), Derek Powazek (The Booksmith), Paul Neilan (Green Apple Books) perform before judges like two-time LDM champion Andrew Lam, Borderland Books’ Intangibles expert Scott Sigler, and more!


Be_Devine said...

OMG!!! The in-laws are in town, but I'll do my best to tune in (and call in)!

Melissa said...

"And more" is my new pet name for you! You can call me "plus one."