Sunday, August 16, 2009

actually, i still have my grandfather's armoire...

I've complained that my life is a lot less dramatic without alcohol. "Who wants drama?" you're probably thinking to yourself. 
Right here. I love the stuff. 
Thank God I have my number one rehab gay, Ansel to keep me entertained with activities I'd never think of, much less follow through on. 
Thursday night, Ansel and I are going to a psychic. 
Well, actually she's not a psychic. She's one of those people that communicates with your dead relatives. Her name is Lisa Williams (Messages from Beyond) and we're going all the way to Santa Rosa to hear, "I'm seeing a woman with brown hair. I'm seeing the letter M."
Her website has lots of pictures with Lisa and her dogs, so, you know...
Lisa has instructed us to think of which dead person we want to hear from and try cosmically communicating with them in the days leading up to Thursday. We're also supposed to bring an item they owned, if possible. 
Ansel is very excited about this, convinced we need to arrive early so we can be on an aisle. You see, the fortune we're spending on Ms. Williams doesn't guarantee she'll spend any time on us. I don't really know how she selects which members of the audience will receive a message from the beyond, but if the Montel Williams Show (no relation) is any indication, the medium selects completely random people, preferably those already shaking and crying. 
My number one rehab gay has reason to be excited. He wants to contact his mother. So obviously, he can take the aisle seat. 
If you check out "I Live Here: SF" tomorrow, blogger Tangobaby's photo and essay profiles of San Franiscans, you can read all about the man I wish to hear from. 
A close second, however, in case he's reading blogs up in heaven, is JFK Jr...
*The alternate title for this post was "Molly, you in danger, girl..."

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tangobaby said...

My favorite photo of you (and my side of the story) is posted on Tangobaby, and your wonderful story and your favorite photo is now up on i live here:SF.

I hope you didn't spend too much money on the psychic. But I'll look forward to reading about your paranormal experience soon.