Saturday, July 04, 2009

indians came in the night and stole 5 sets of clothing, 2 axles and 23 bullets...

There's dramatic thunder and lightning over the desert right now, which is a good thing. Don't let me in the sun, folks. I'm just begging for cancer out by the pool and paying the painful price later. 
I haven't played in a pool in a long time. I've occasionally cranked out a few laps here and there, but I haven't straight up played in the water in some time. 
It, uh, rocks. 
Thus, we've developed the 2009 Spotswood/Ryken Family Aqua Olympiad (ages 26-63.) Events include walking the entire length of the pool on your hands, being able to stand the longest on the floating chaises, and using said floating chaises as bizarre tools in which to perform "The Burro", "The Cactus Flower" and "Wagon Train."
I'm going to try and get you a video of someone doing Wagon Train. It can't be described, but it is quite possibly the most awesome pool race ever invented. I'd like to see Michael Phelps rock Wagon Train, which interestingly, involves shouting phrases from Oregon Trails. 
But now, with this thunder and lightening, I've been asked to stop playing in the pool. My mom is concerned I'll be electrocuted and well, I'm 31. After spending 3 hours (no joke) perfecting my synchronized swimming routine, I should probably take a break and like, read a book. That's what everyone else is doing. 
This storm better pass, folks. Because if you haven't taken some time, thrown inhibition to the wind and just played in the water lately, do yourself the favor... 


Anonymous said...

Nice burn, Spotswood.
I forgot about playing in the pool.
Happy 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

do yourself a favor. aka dick spotswood's review of zodiac. super-reader here appreciates the reference.

Be_Devine said...

I can picture it: an above-ground, heated pool in the backyard of 916A. I'm so there.


DJTennessee said...

Whoa! That's more skin than I think you've ever shown on this blog!