Thursday, July 30, 2009

bill wilson, i heart you...

Oh Bill Wilson, chronicler of all that is Newsom, I've been neglecting you! I think a little stroll by Police Chief Heather Fong's retirement shindig is in order, don't you? And while we're visiting Bill, we can see what else he's been up to.
I bet it involves naked men.
One of the most embarrassing moves in the world is the unreturned high five. It's so hard to recover from. You can't really pretend you were trying to do something else, gesture to a painting perhaps or brush aside an errant bang. Heather left Gavin hanging, I've decided.

This looks like an overseas business transaction.

Something uncool is apparently going on to Gavin's right. And the guy in Gavin's tie, standing right next to him sent me a Facebook friend request with no charming little message. Internet faux pas, my online friend. Why, oh why is it so hard to say, "Hi! We have a lot of friends in common. Wanna be Facebook chums?" It's 2 seconds of your life that will come back to you tenfold, Phil Ting. A little online charm goes a long way.

Mayor Gavin Newsom presents Police Chief Heather Fong with the city's first pager.

Is Mackenzie Astin gay or just gorgeous and perfect in every way? And how was I not at this event? Because if I saw Andy from the Facts of Life (the adult years) in that adorable sartorial masterpiece, well, I'd have Tootied myself.

I love how Bill Wilson goes around the city snapping photos of Gavin cutting ribbons and library openings and retirement parties and museum soirees and press conferences and protests and this.

And once again, because I find him fucking adorable, Anthony Woods for Congress people. The man can wear a tuxedo the way a tuxedo was meant to be worn.

Thank you BILL!!!

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High Five!!

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