Tuesday, June 30, 2009

who wants a bolo tie...

Mere hours from now, I will touch down in Albuquerque, New Mexico and then drive to a rental house in Santa Fe. Why? Because Santa Fe doesn't have an airport. Why New Mexico out of all of the fine states in this Union? Beats me.

I've never said no to a free trip.

When I started this blog (happy 5 year anniversary, everyone!), I soon found myself spending a few weeks in China with my family. As an adult, travelling with one's parents actually requires some form of creative outlet, and for me that creative outlet is bitching about things on the internet. That first post-blog trip, my only break from my mother screaming English at confused taxi drivers or my father calling my hotel room next door to his with a question about the light switch was my daily hour alone in the hotel's business center. Ever since, my favorite blogs, the ones that are often the most fun to write, are about our travels.

I love my parents. They are incredibly generous, smart and funny people. But they are still my parents. And they will still drive me nuts. I promise you, we won't make it on the Park N' Fly bus without a few terse words and an expletive. You should see these two try and put up a Christmas tree.
This is my way of informing you that another Spotswood Family Adventure begins tomorow morning.
Please stay tuned.
We're flying Southwest out of Oakland, so you know, right there...

*PS! My lengthy Culture Blog about Pride will be up at the usual time and place tomorrow. Please for to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Albuquerque is an airport full of outdated turquoise and safe needle-drop-off boxes in the restrooms (don't know the technical user term for those). Get to the rental car area as fast as you can. (shudders at thought of airport)

f1peeps said...

if you can, have a soak at ten thousand waves. be sure to eat at tomasitas. still miss the monday special, which you can get any day of the week, btw. can't wait to hear your observations. it's a nutty place. you'll have more material to write about than you'll know what to do with. and that doesn't even take your family into consideration.