Friday, June 05, 2009

this is all very fox mulder...

Apparently Kung Fu star David Carradine did not kill himself. He died of autoerotic asphyxiation, which I guess is better than suicide. Which makes you more of a legend? Tragically and dramatically taking your own life or dying in a closet in Bangkok while trying to masturbate? Well, at least David gets listed with Wikipedia's other famous cases of kooky suffocation sex.
Anyway, lately I've been learning a lot about David Carrdine, or as I now know him, Martha Plimpton's uncle. He's been married 5 times, not including his relationship with the horrendous Barbara Hershey, with whom he has a child. His most recent marriage was held at the home of my personal hero, Michael Madsen or as he is known in the depths of my heart, Jimmy from Thelma & Louise. 
And then I thought this quote was kinda interesting: 
"All we can say is, we know David would never have committed suicide," said Tiffany Smith of Binder & Associates, his management company.
Binder & Associates? Wait a second. Where do I know Binder from?


Nicole said...

Funny, but not quite right.


DJTennessee said...

If watching “Lost” has taught me anything, it’s that David Carradine’s hanged corpse will pop right back to life the moment the plane carrying his body crashes.

Anonymous said...

clyde bruckman's final repose. brava.

sfmike said...

My favorite observation was somebody commenting on a dumb post over at Huffington Post: "Oh well, how many people would be able to say they "lived fast and died young" - in their 70s?!" You've got to give The Grasshopper that.

And why do you characterize the ineffable star of "The Stunt Man" as "the horrendous Barbara Hershey"? There are plenty of good excuses, I know, from her collagen lips in "Beaches" to changing her last name to Seagull for a while in the 60s-70s. I'm curious what your particular horrendous Hershey moments might be.