Wednesday, June 24, 2009

see. i care about politics...

You’ve got to stand in bewildered awe of the balls on the conservative Republican Governor of South Carolina who said he was hiking through the wilderness in Deliverance country when he was really “crying” on the reassuring bosom of his ho in Argentina.
He might as well have said he was in space. “Oh, I’m on Jupiter right now. I’ll be returning calls when I’m back in the office.”
I also think it’s great that when forced to reveal the truth, he pretty much breaks down in tears and sobs, “I was breaking up with my girlfriend, okay?!?!”
Oh, pardon us. This must be so difficult for you. Every report of Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference has him crying like a 12 year old girl. Wasn’t this the guy that said, “Screw you, Barack and your crazy cash hand outs so children can learn to subtract!”
I’m all for men crying. I think it’s a perfectly healthy, non-gender specific emotional expression. Hell, I cried when Sirius Black sent Hogwarts the permission letter so Harry Potter could go to Hogsmeade with the rest of the Wizards, Muggles and Halfbloods. We're all human, for christsakes.
But I’m of the inclination that such a hard-ass, conservative who voted against preserving sites of the Underground Railroad (um, yeah. This dude is so over making a big deal about slavery) might be able to make it through a press conference without using an embroidered handkerchief to dab his tearful eyes...


Natalie said...

So I guess if you're a Republican you can tell people what to do and who to love/not love, but you don't have to follow your own moral roadmap. Pretty convenient.

Anonymous said...

He was also in Congress in the late 90's, where he loudly thought that Clinton's shenanigans were just TURRRIBLE.
With the all bible reading these conservatives profess to do, you'd think one of them would've gotten the idea behind that whole "not casting the first stone" passage.