Sunday, June 14, 2009

oh dear god, this is excruciating...

Pardon my lack of posts. I feel as if I've abandoned you.
This is one of the blessedly few times a year the day job must rule my life. I love my day job, I really do. I get to work with lovely people for a non-profit I adore.
But I think I broke my foot at work today.
After 2 back-to-back 11 hour days running around the top of the mountain, it was finally time for us to leave. So about an hour ago, Amanda, John and I headed for the parking lot a quarter of a mile down the hill. Carrying a huge box of filthy crap, Amanda asked if I could grab the massive 1970's thermos precariously balanced on top.
I grabbed the thermos and began a little routine about how much I hate the word thermos, how "thermos" makes me wildly uncomfortable. We got to the parking lot and I handed the thermos to Amanda who placed it on the roof of her car as she loaded everything else. As we stood and chatted, the thermos (half filled with ancient and probably spiked coffee) slid from her roof and crashed on top of my right foot.
After previously and privately agreeing that a woman who'd "totally ate it" earlier reacted too dramatically to her own fall, I briefly screamed in pain but shook it off within seconds.
"Oh, that's okay." I said though clenched teeth. "I'm fine."
"Jesus!" Amanda winced. "That looks like it really hurt."
"No, no." I thought I was going to die. "It's no big deal."
It's an hour later, I am now home and I can't move my toes. My foot's not so much swollen as it is dull with pain, a navy half-moon the shape of a thermos base throbbing atop my dirt-covered appendage.
Since there's got to be some gay former boy scout reading this somewhere, what the hell do I do? My first instinct is to get a pedicure and call 911. That can't be right...


Cali said...

First you take 800mg. of ibuprofen, then ice packs. Keep taking the ibuprofen every six to eight hours for a couple of days and keep the ice packs coming for the first 24 hours, although longer won't hurt anything.

HappyRachael said...

Go watch Lonesome Dove on AMC then if it still hurts, go to ER. I truly believe everyone feels better after a doctor tells you it is nothing!

Patricia said...

Uh 4 advil might make you choke so keep it to 2-3 and try it every 8 hours, ice every 20 minutes on then 20 minutes off.

Elevate your foot above your heart (note not above your head) for at least an hour or two.

If you have some icy hot or aspercreme rub put some on your ankle ( not directly on foot and make sure you are not allergic to it first otherwise you will be going to see Dr. Zhivago at Ess Eff General - nice guy but Nurse Ratchet will cut off your foot )

When you get up tomorrow morning try to stretch your foot out, and if its a funny color go to Marin Doctor on Duty ( not exactly hot Dr. but they went to med school ) and get a nice pair of crutches and ace bandage wrap...

Oh, if you totally are panicked call 911 and I am sure there is a nice prosthetic foot for you after the surgery made with recycle plastic.

( sorry about that my tongue and cheek are stuck )

Tim said...

I agree with the ice part. keep it on as long as you can stand it (about twenty minutes) take it off for a few (or till it starts hurting again) then back with the ice. Will help with swelling, pain, and inflammation.

Andrew said...

We were at the mountain top non-profit on Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised to see your name in the staff listing! I looked around at the audio booth to see if I could see you but a) all I have to go on as far as recognizing is the little Twitter avatar and b) I realized you probably weren't in the booth anyway.

Spots said...

This is some serious advice, people. Thank you. I've been following the Spotswood family motto of "Ignore it and it will go away" to no avail.

And @ Andrew: I was there! Just in the t-shirt booth, not the sound booth. But anyone in a staff shirt can find me in moments. Oh well, there's always next year. Thanks for coming! And THANK YOU for reading the program! That's my baby...including the spelling error I didn't notice until today.

sfmike said...

Can we please have an update? I'm wondering if amputation is on the possible agenda.